Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Start of Something Good?

Peace all,

It's uhhruuuuh 10:56 pm, and I have a ton of things to do tomorrow. So you may ask why am I up? Well let's just say I decided to work on that Sgt. Hogues video for my Youtube channel. I've tried to enhance the volume on several occasions, but it looks like another situation of wait and see. Then when I've decided which version I want to place on Youtube, I have to walk all the way to the library again, with laptop in tow, because my internet service at home can't cut the mustard. Not trying to complain mind you, but at the same time when your tower is a 10 minute walk from your home and you can't get 20 percent of your signal, somebody's service sucks bigtime...But this is a matter of making due for right now. I still have my website up and going and that's really important, especially since the summer may be one of those really hot and humid ones this year.

At any rate, I have some good news. Looks like my tshirt collection may be out to the public very soon. So far I've tried to come up with some ideas, and previewed one design on my Facebook page, and Twitgoo, which is the signature design for See What I See(CWATIC). It was met with a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of support. Now the big task...Setting up the I have asked people to please be patient with me, for this is primarily a one man operation, and I'm at work on other ventures. I seem to have caught the attention of some art enthusiasts, especially in regards to the Safe and Sound series, as well as the Dreamland picture on the gallery. I'm seriously planning to go into print production with that one soon. I hope to give full details on the releasing of my tshirt collection, to be sold on my Etsy page, as well as my website....In the meantime, take care....

Keep on creating....

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