Saturday, January 12, 2013

Getting This Party Started Right!!!

Peace all,

I pray that this new year presents many blessings, peace and prosperity for everyone. Last year was very interesting to say the least. Q found himself almost back at square one, and had it not been for the commemorative piece for the Sgt. Homer Hogues tribute last March, 2012 did not offer much optimism for me as far as Quwwa Artworks is concerned. Last year I presented some things online, thinking that my friends on most social media outlets would support it, at least that was the assumption based on the multiple "likes" on the my page, but was very disappointed at the lack of response when time came to deliver the support. But still you learn lessons, and you keep sluggin' it out. That was just ONE of many reasons for my exit from most of my social media outlets. Only recently I re-emerged on FB, and that's only because of the few positive connects that I could not keep contact with so effectively via email or Skype. But my focus is still on MY PERSONAL WEBSITE and KEEPING MY IDENTITY and CREATIVITY. People are just going to have to get used to seeing my work on MY OUTLETS only, and quit expecting artists and merchants to bend over backwards to cater to their ever changing demands and indecisiveness and meet people HALFWAY. Those who wish to keep glad handling for a few bucks and temporary acclaim, go right ahead...Some artists are sacrificing too much from their creativity to their respect and dignity trying to cater to every whim for quick cash and instant success. If it comes, trust me it will leave quicker than it came..Don't cater to desires. I learned this from over a decade of being a Customer Servitude Representive...Time to take some things back.

Anyway. At the end of the year I was blessed to have met a fellow Dallas artist named Zane Steadman at a reception in the Downtown Library exhibiting his work. After nearly missing the reception, I happened to enter 15 minutes before closing, and he happened to greet me and we started talking about his art and painting in general. After a while he invited me to be a part of a non-profit organization called the Texas Visual Arts Association. Why I don't know, except I look at it as God's Divine Decree. After much contemplation and removing reservations, I joined, just in time to be a participant on the New Members Exhibition this January. I'm pumped and grateful to say the least.

Yesterday I volunteered to sit at the gallery for a few hours and met the director there, along with some other people. One lady had me take pictures of her standing by the artwork. I sat there and took pictures of her and didn't let her know that some of the work was mine until I told her she would have to email some pictures to me. She asked me why didn't I inform her that I was one of the artists, I told her I wanted to see if she thought of the artwork enough to take pictures beside it without me prodding her. That's the real compliment right there.

So now tomorrow I gotta go and mix it up, and possibly take some pictures....yuck...Should be fun anyways.

This event has kinda pushed my personal exhibit back some time, but it gives me a time to promote my exhibit more and officially introduce myself to my hometown. So here we go...

God Willing, Reporting Live From The Edge will commence hopefully in the beginning of Spring...More on that later...Take Care.

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