Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kickoff 2013!!!

Peace all!!!!  Kicking off 2013 in style. Late last year I joined the Texas Visual Artists Association, a non-profit organization that gives Texas resident artists a chance to show their talents and possibly gain exposure and even make sales. This January they are holding a New Members Art Exhibition, and ya boy Q is one of the artists, exhibiting 5 of my pieces to a broader audience. I'm looking at this as an extension of what I'm doing in my neighborhood, another venture that could do great things for all parties involved, God Willing. I delivered the pieces this morning, which was pretty well received. The reception will be held on January 13th, and I'm looking forward to mixing it up with the new and existing members, and introducing the public to Qstyles. For more information check out my website by clicking HERE.

Till next time Reporting Straight Outta Edgeville this is Q signing out! Peace out! Alhamdulillah.

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