Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nikki Giovanni Thoughts on Bill Cosby

Peace all,

Came across this ditty today, and couldn't help but crack a smile on my face. I've lost a great amount of respect for this man, and the more I read about his life and the role he's played in the mind manipulating and the ostricization of Black Middle class from the poorer class Blacks in America, my respect for him has greatly diminished, especially with that fake Doctorate degree he has, which he so proudly flaunts. I don't even watch that Cosby Show crap anymore, and I'm weaning myself off A Different World as well, using boojie Black psychiatrists as consultants on his show in order not to offend White people and to "civilize" poor, Native Blacks...Well Uncle Bill, the only thing you've proven to the Whites as studies have shown, is that Black people really are inferior, looking from your viewpoint, and therefore no assistance in any form should be given to the people whom America has miseducated and mistreated in the first place.

OK Black Press, take that and shove it...

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