Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shake it OFF!!!!!!

Peace y'all

It's 8:32am, and I am up with vapor rub above my upper lip(and boy is it HOT!!!)

Anyway, I have plans to go to the newest exhibit in the South Dallas Cultural Center. There some pictures of the hood that I am interested in viewing.

I am saddened today as I reflect on my artwork and the stances that I take on society today, which leads me to lose friends, or at least have people reluctant to work with me. I have had people become very enthusiastic when they see the work, but when they see some blogs that I wrote, all of a sudden the contacts are no more. This hurts me alot, and I don't mind telling people when my feelings are hurt. The strongest person is not the person who can hold their emotions in, but the strongest person is the one who can comeback when they are at their lowest. My feelings are hurt because I want to contribute to TRUE CHANGE which I believe is in a person's heart and I love it when people join in. I have people waiting for me to exhibit my work alone. I could do this on my own and grab all of the credit, but that's not me. I love chopping it up with like-minded people. I only seek credit and glory from God Alone. My pictures are meant to bring out all the feelings that a person keeps inside, mainly because he or she feels no one cares. I have made pictures that have made people stop themselves short of crying. I want them to do it. That makes me know they have a heart, and most of all it should make them realize they have a heart. Even if they cannot contribute with monetary or any other type of material assistance, just smile when you see someone down. My belief teaches me that even a smile is charity....A simple smile. There are too many freakin' misers in this world..

Anyway somewhere, somehow some visual artist is going to feel this movement, and they are not going to just back down and curl up....

And even if no one joins up, I'm keeping it moving...
Peace Y'all

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