Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dining With The Wretched

Peace all,

Pardon the lack of blogging here, but I've been busying coming up with a theme for the next possible exhibit...One thing for sure, it won't be called Back and Forth as first imagined, but it appears to be something much more special, and I will fill you in on the details ASAP. The past couple of weeks have been emotionally draining on me after a couple of incidents that I've experienced, mainly regarding actions, reactions and responses from people that I've respected or had long friendships with. I've come to realize that it's not an issue of whether or not my friends agree with me, for I have friends both on and offline from different walks of life, but rather or not are you seeing what I'm seeing? I become more convinced by the moment that someone else is shaping or reshaping our beliefs and thought patterns, and it ain't God for sure. A couple of people that I would imagine would have more compassion and understanding about the plight of the poor and downtrodden have exposed some very peculiar beliefs, and after attempt to reason with them have given me very different ideas about their way of thinking. One such person who has faced discrimination and injustice for the past 10 years for issues that he has either had resurfaced unjustly or from paid his debt to society open proclaims that injustice is not an issue worth concerning with as long as he has the opportunity to get employment. This type of apathy that comes from people who have experienced some sort of injustice from this cruel and hypocritical society shows just how sad the state of humanity has deteriorated, where one is only concerned about themselves, and even moreso will judge others who may experiences the same cruelty by different standards.

In any event, it is sad to see the masses of people who are of the poor, downtrodden, or even the middle class hold themselves to such hypocritical standards, and allow the immaculately rich, oppressive and greedy few of this planet to dictate, incriminate, discriminate and exploit them all because some evil person supports the stupid notion that "if you're so smart, how come you're not rich?" when the real question is how can you possibly amass so much money? This past week we've witnessed a few of the old racist, slave states come back with discriminatory measures against the poor and people of color, and call it "welfare reform", yet the actions of the wealthy against the poor in America still go unchecked, underexposed, and no accountability is held against these internal crooks. But I'm supposed to be happy the Bin Laden and Anwar Al-Awlaki are no longer living. Yeah right.

I just finished watching this movie entitled Fierce People, a movie about the wealthy and influential and the mirage of peace and tranquility that is giving simply because one is wealthy. The special features section has the actors giving insight on the movie, and one of the directors of the film mentioned that America does have a ruling class despite the claims of Democracy, and that these exorbiant amounts of wealth are not accrued by so-called hard working people, but through inhumane and brutal measures, but an increasing amount of the exploited don't really see the problem with this, as long as they are gettting a crumb or two...Little do they know that this life is not about accruing wealth....

Stay tuned people...It get's more interesting....Peace!

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