Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Nerve of It All...

Peace All,

Kinda thought I'd condense all of the past week's events into one blog, and call it the Bad and the Good, that way I can spill out the whole shabang about Q's

Anyway let's hit up THE BAD first shall we? You all remember last week when I put out a blog about whether or not I should voice my opinion about the continuing demise of my area and show how the public transit system is contributing to this process. Well at first I felt I may have been too hasty in thinking they would not listen to our opinions and such and take feedback in good faith, but once I saw the "DART representatives" from our area and heard the reasons for removing the 155 express bus from our area, let's just say as the Joker told Batman in The Dark Knight..."You didn't disappoint."

These people had the nerve to say the reason they want to get rid of the service is because "DART is not in the business in repeating its' routes" and the riders can catch the local rail station and get downtown in the same fashion. Excuse me, but the DART rail is far from ANYTHING EXPRESS!!! Not to mention they plan to open express busing in the West Plano area...The nerve of people to think that you can tell some people anything and expect them to believe it. I tell you, Thomas Jefferson was a bold man...

Anyway, then they proceeded to give convoluted information about the ridership of the express bus in saying that at a particular stop there are only an average of 6 people on the bus, which is besides the point. The fact is that the bus is FULL on its way to Downtown Dallas, so again, the insults to the people's intelligence rages on, all in a meager attempt to slash costs' and concentrate on people that they feel are "worthy" of patronage. Anyone with a keen sense and a critical eye can see that very little effort is being made to keep a quality standard of life here in the Southern sector of Dallas, and rather than tend to the needs of the actual Dallas citizens, these people are trying to expand and connect in areas outside of Dallas, along with spending money in the soon to be gentrified Trinity River area on an unneeded trolley system, it's clear to see what's going on here. I guess they really look at those who use public transportation from the inner cities as "undesirables".

So on that note, I abruptly left the meeting because 1)the two women there were only present to receive the barbs and the complaints from the people. They really don't have any input in the final decision making here, so why waste time, breath and energy on them? 2) The citizens of Dallas will not have a final say in what happens here, the "Board" will vote and "consider" all of the comments in March, which pretty much means if the 155 express continues by the summer, Q will be surprised to say the least.

Only God(Allah)knows the future, but I ain't optimistic in the least...Such are the Lifestyles of the Ignored

Then on top of that some fool hacked into my email account...The nerve of these fools...

CWATIC @ HTTP://WWW.REALQUWWA.COM. Click here to enter.

Peace....I'll tell you the good later, God Willing...

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