Saturday, June 30, 2012

Public Enemy performs "Rebel Without a Pause" on Soul Train 1987

Peace all,

This was one of my biggest influences growing up. The group, the identity, I even remember having both of their tshirts back in the day...I had both the black and red shirts, and when I wore them in the halls and malls, believe me, it garnered attention as well as spurred thought, whether you agreed with them or not. Looking back I did not fully understand the power of imagery and the effect those screen printed shirts had on the people. Anyway this group had a profound influence on me as far as how to reach and connect with your audience. Although I am more of a visual artist now, the concept of connecting with the people and giving them a sense of hope and a voice couldn't have been expressed any better here. Even Don Cornelius mentioned that that was "FRIGHTENING" However someone posted on Facebook a quote that read "Art should bring comfort to the disturbed, and disturbed the comfortable." Maybe this is what they meant...Take care all.

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