Friday, June 15, 2012

Recent Works/Events

Peace all, It's been a trying season so far, and one filled with many obstacles and many lessons. It's made me change my approach on many subjects, and develop some insight on how to deal with the public, especially in the Social Media age, where minds, behavior and attitudes are shaped and reshaped, subtle nuances are made, and ideologies are formed or reinterpreted. In any event, it's made me start thinking of ways that I can make my presentations online a lot more fluid and easier, but without having to lose very intergral parts of my belief and expression. This blog is very short, but I'm introducing a page on my website that allows people to view my recent works online, as well as keep up with any events that may come along. To view the official first installment of my Events/Recent Works page, please click on the link I will keep you updated on the latest of recent works and apparel available for viewing and for sale. Take care all and God Bless!

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