Thursday, March 24, 2011

Letting It All Hang Out!

Peace all,

12:05am on the dot! Jumuah for the Muslims....Friday morning....Wait a minute....What am I doing up? LOL

Playing with this Nintendo Wii thingy is addictive, even for a person whom the Wii Fitness Meter estimated to be BLAHBLAHBLAH years old...LOL

My arms are sore from the boxing game. Must admit I haven't moved my arms like this in a loooong time...SORE BUT LOVING IT! No pain, no gain, riiiiight?

Anyway, let me tell you about the Tuesday night interview with Lady Flava on Flava News, one of the many shows she has on Blog Talk Radio. First let me say that this lady is a dear friend of mine and a huge supporter of the arts, regardless of genre. However I think the interview was a great shot in the arm for the both of us, for me because out of the other respective interviews I've had in the past, this one was more of a relax, let-it-flow, let-it-all-out thing, and when the internet was working fine, it was real intense. I got to touch subjects I did not cover in previous interviews, and no disrespect to the other because I love them all, but this was the most intense interview I have encountered so far, mainly because the questions were more hard hitting and more to the point of what motivates me and the driving force behind my visual art.

But I also think it benefitted her as well, and gave her more diversity in the sense that she now can prove she is an avid supporter of the arts as a whole, and not just the music scene, with the spoken word scene coming right behind it. She had been trying to get me to get on the show and add some visual artist credibility to her repertoire, and I think it went over fine. Plus she covered the technical difficulties well by putting in some great jazz, too bad I couldn't hear it...LOL

You can catch the whole thing on her site or on All you have to do is click on the REALQUWWA link above, then click on About Quwwa and then Interviews.

PS...She gave me some very uplifting news when she informed me that she received very positive feedback from people who listened to the archives, and thanked me for a candid and honest interview...

All Praise is due to Allah Alone...

Later y'all...Love ya!

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