Sunday, March 6, 2011


March Madness is here...NO NOT THE NCAA TOURNAMENT! My version of March Madness! LOL

It's been a very eventful year to say the least for the Q and things are right now topsy-turvy. My interview with Angel Ayes which was rescheduled to March 7th(Hey, that's tomorrow, right?) will go on as planned, despite the ever-continuing saga of trying to get some decent internet access. This crap is really beginning to eat at me to the core, with all of the mishaps and stuff going on. I signed onto this service last week, only to have my activation date start TODAY! A FULL WEEK! Then as I tried to activate my account, no access...

So I call tech support today to see what was going on, and they have to escalate my issue to Level 2, which will be tomorrow, hopefully. Sooooo, while connecting to the modem I discovered that I can actually connect to server of my old provider, JUNO, but I would have to pay for the delinquent services in order to the internet. So simple, just call back and pay the bill and have the account reactivated, right? OH SO WRONG!

Usually I do not complain about the services of a company unless they have had a continuous string of inefficiency( I hate that word...efficiency!) but there have been several bad experiences with this provider in the past couple of weeks. I've been told that there was no availability for the service in my area, despite having the service a few months ago. Then I was told that the current modem I have will not work, and they need to send a new one, WRONG! I'm connected to the network right now, I just need to pay the bill and be provisioned to the internet! Then I was told that I could get the service, but my activation will not be until the 13th of March because they have to re-provision my signal and I need to pay a reactivation fee...

I won't go into the language and/or racial barrier, but I will say the experimenting of using foreign people to service your products as a means of efficiency( or shall we just say being plain CHEAP)is failing miserably. Giving people a script and running through scenarios to teach people how to approach certain issues SUCKS! How do I know? I've worked for two of the major tele-plantations myself and this is how they conduct business...All in the name of being CHEAP! Excuse me, efficient. Verizon goes a step further and tells you in training that they have to be cheap on you to stay competitive. So they give you a raise after 90 days, but everything after that is performance bonuses...WTF? So we work for tips now, huh? Like I'm some freakin waitress? Well as Flo used to say "KISS MY GRITS!" The same stress has returned, which means the same overeating and hypertension has reappeared.

These incidents are coming at a time when doubts are arriving, mainly from other factions, but I can't help it! I'm human and I'm tired of being judged or hearing that others are basically writing me off, especially because they don't understand what I'm trying to do here. They're looking at this as some novelty act, or goofy types of craft, but this is serious business...It's hurts me more because it's coming from the mouths of those who say they love me...That really hurts. They are expecting me to stay on a low paying ass job and smile simply because there is a check every two weeks, but if the check can't cover your basic needs, what the f*ck is the reason for staying there? Just to say you have money for a few minutes? What is this attitude that we have that now allows people to accept any type of ill treatment from Mr. Charlie, and tell people to pray on it and leave it to God, but the first insignificant little person ticks us off, we don't pray on it or leave it to God, we go straight for the jugular vein... No wonder these jobs treat us so badly. We worship them the same way or even more than we worship The Creator. We fear them MORE than the Creator, and because of this we will continue to slide down deeper and deeper into bedlam.

But be grateful, right? Yeah but be realistic TOO HOMEY! Struggling just to struggle ain't cutting it!

But when I tell people of my aspirations, they look at it as wishy-washy, so I'm not telling them anymore. I just don't want to hear any fake applause or see fake smiles if this thing jumps off...

Wanna know why I focus so much on Lifestyles of the Ignored? Let's just say I have a lot of experience on this issue.

WWW.REALQUWWA.COM is on it's way...

Peace all...

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